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Make Your Fundraiser Successful in 5 Steps:

1. The reason to run a fundraiser is to get the whole group on board to help raise the money in need. If only 3 out of 10 sellers are motivated to sell, your fundraiser will be a flop.

2. The success of your fundraiser depends a lot on you! If your fundraiser is well organized and advertised, AND your sellers are fired up, you stand a great chance of hitting your profit goals...It's that easy!

3. We will help you decide how many pastries each person needs to sell in order to reach your goal.

4. We believe that an Incentive Program will significantly improve the success of your fundraiser! All we ask is that...You vigorously and enthusiastically promote the incentive to your sellers!

5. Give daily incentive and goal reminders to the group.

* All info provided by Fresh Alternatives Fundraising.


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